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Learn about the 4 step process to enrolling in any class offered by All The Difference LLC. 

Erin is certified by multiple expert organizations that specialize in exercise programs that promote wellness and not just fitness

All classes offered by All The Difference cost an average of $5 or less and are billed monthly. Check out the cost of each class on the schedule

Classes are offered 5 days per week. Check out the full menu of classes All The Difference offers along with their prices and on which days classes meet. 


About Erin

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Erin is a nationally certified instructor and personal trainer, presenter, and champion of "fitness for wellness."  What does "fitness for wellness" mean?  Our time spent exercising together will be centered on feeling GOOD, improving or maintaining healthy bio-numbers such as blood pressure and heartrate, and supporting each other along our path.  We choose to move, we get to move, and none of it is punishment for what other choices we made today.  Let's build our strength, endurance, flexibility, and community together!                                    

                                                                                    LEARN MORE...

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